Monday, May 26, 2008

Fish Blog Header ( 15 )

Good Morning Bloggers !!! My 15th Blog Header. Do you like this blog header?? Iam sure you will like it! I used CS3 to create this header. You can change a normal picture to this diffuse Glow format with CS3 extended version. Here is what i did to creat the above blog header. First save a picture on you desktop, open PS, go to File, New, Adjust the size of the header, press ok. then go to File, Place, select the picture that you have saved on your desktop, select the picture and press ok. Cool .... Now you have the picture you want. Now Select the picture and follow the instructions below.

Now you will be able to adjust the color of the Blog Header with Diffuse Glow effect and if you want you can duplicate it ... Well done ....
If you want create a Header for your blog just send me an email. I will do it for you SEE you soon
Pixel: 974x150
Created by : 1000 Blog Headers

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunset Blog Header ( 14 )

Hi Bloggers,
Blog Header number 14 arrived. A very simple Blog Header but very colorful isn’t it? Well, anyone can create and adjust the color of the header with Photoshop CS3 extended version. Here is the trick that I used to create this beautiful, cute, colorful blog header. First grab a picture from your picture file or from your camera and save it on your desktop then open Photoshop, open file, new and then adjust the size of the Blog Header by 920 by 126 pixel. Now you can see a window with the blank Header that you can use to place your picture of your choice. Ok then go to file again and go to place, choose the picture from your desktop and then click ok. Well done, now your picture is placed on Photoshop but you need to adjust the size. Ok now go to layer, and then new adjustment layer, then color balance and then click ok, it will open another window, from there you need to adjust the color of the picture. Change the Color red to +100, Green to -100 and Yellow to 0. Ok well done. Thats all I did to adjust the color of the Sunset Blog Header. You can also use the same tricks to adjust the color of the Picture. There are many advanced tricks also there that you can use to create a Nice Blog Header. I will present more blog headers in the future. Hope you like this simple tutorial. Bye for now.

Pixel: 974x126
Created by : 1000 Blog Headers