Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blogspot blog header ( 40 )

Dear Bloggers, Today I am presenting you a blogspot blog header. I am sure you are looking for a header for your blog and what about the header above. If you like it then grab it before anyone else and let others know that it has been taken by you in your comment. Thats very simple you don't have to pay a single cent to own a blog header here. Ok fine... Let me explain you how I did it.. Very simple..

1. Create your work space in Photoshop. I did 800 by 200 pixel.
2. Place the first picture and adjust it. (If you need to know how to place pictures you may read earlier posts)
3. Place the second picture and adjust it. (You can place the second picture in front of first picture)
4. Click on the picture that you need to fade. (Better to select the picture on the front)
5. Select the eraser tool from the tool bar on the left side.
6. Click on the picture. ( There will be a message. click ok)
7. Right click on the image and adjust the size of the eraser.
8. Click on the image to fade that particular area.
9. Once you are done with fading save the picture in JPEG format.

Well done... Now you have a faded blogspot blog header for your blog.
I will be back soon with some interesting blog headers.Thank you for visiting my blog

Have a wonderful day.