Monday, April 6, 2009

Travel Blog Header ( 33 )

Greetings from 1000 Blog Headers.

Good News! I am still alive. The only reason why I am not posting on this blog is to give enough time for other projects (blogs). Now you realize how busy I am. Yes that’s right but starting from today I am not going to be that busy coz I am going to spend at least 30 minutes everyday for 1000 blog Headers project.

This is my 33rd Blog Header. The picture you see is a picture of Maldivian Resort. Don’t be fool, that’s not a sunset or sunrise. That is Photoshop finger touch up. From the original picture you will not be able to see a beach and a sun, but I have created a Beach and a sun to give it some extra colors. Here is how I did it.

1. Open Photoshop CS3 and set your working area. (file, new, then set width and height etc click ok)

2. OK now you have your work space ready to place a picture to modify. Now place the picture ( file, place, then select the picture from your folder)

3. Now you have got a picture to modify with the finger touch up tool (smudge tool) Next add some color using rectangle tool then select the (smudge tool) click and drag on the colored area to paint on the picture. Move to different directions to make nice effects.

4. Finally you can add some text and decorate them using layer style (layer, layer style, drop shadow, outer glow etc)

Well done. Now you have created a very nice blog header. I would appreciate if you could share your blog with me. I will be back soon with the 34th Blog Header.

Bye for now but not forever

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