Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flower Blog Header ( 32 )

Welcome back to 1000 blog headers. Here is my 32nd Blog Header. I am going to share the Photoshop trick that have used to creat this wonderful blog header. Its simple, easy and very basic.
Before you open the Photoshot please download some pics from your camera.

1. Open Photoshop and create a workspace ( Header ) with any size you like.

2. Place pictures in different location of the header ( file, place) and adjust the sizes as well.

3. Select Rectangle tool and hide all pictures by drawing a rectangle and change the color of the rectangle.

4. Select eraser tool, click on the rectangle, click ok, click on the small arrow key on the right side of the window and sekect, basic brush (from there you can see 2 different kind of brushes, one is sharpe and another one faded) Please select faded one and right click on the header and adjust the size of the eraser by using master diameter option above the window.

5. Click on the Banner and Erase the rectangle from different location. Now you can see the pictures that you placed in different locations.

Congratulatons! Finally you have created a banner by using a very simple trick with photoshop.

If you like this simple tutorial please write a comment or recommend to your friends or link to your blog.

Bye for now. Happy Blogging.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Black and White Blog Header ( 31 )

Happy New Year and welcome back to 1000 Blog Headers Blog where you can download free Blog Headers for your new Blog. This is my 31st Blog Header and it is called Black and white Blog Header. If you have a Black and white Blog, this will be the Best Blog Header for your Blog. If you would like to create a free blog header please let me so that I can create a free blog header for your blog. If you would like to exchange links with this blog please comment on this blog after linking to this blog.

Enjoy Blogging and once again wishing a very Happy New Year
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