Thursday, November 27, 2008

Picture Blog Header ( 30 )

This is the 30th Blog Header for 1000 blog Headers blog. Nine Hundred and seventeen Blog Headers remaining to complete the 1000 Blog Headers project. I have decided to create much more advanced blog headers in the future. All members are eligible to use all blog Headers for free but please remember provide a link back to 1000 blog Headers.
Please read the following instructions to add the same effects to your Blog Header if you would like to create a Blog Header like that.

1. Type a text using the type tool
2. From the main menu take layer, layer style, blending options, use bevel and emboss function to add the best looking effects. You can select multiple effects if you want.
3. You can see the effects from the text now. To add the same effect with the Stamp tool
4. Select the stamp tool and right click to select your favorite brush ( from the small arrow key on the right side of the window you can view different brush options)
5. Ok.. Now you are ready to add effects to you Blog Header. Click and drag to add effects to your blog Header. You can add same effects that you have added to the text that you have typed.

It is that easy. Isn’t it? If you like this tutorial please share with your friends!
Enjoy Blogging forever
Bye for now but not forever
Created by: 1000 Blog Headers
Pixel: 900 x 200


megat said...

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Chris said...

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jobmaldives said...

Wishing you a very happy new year and Thanks for your comments