Friday, December 9, 2011

Family Blog Header ( 57 )

Dear Bloggers,

Today I am presenting you my 57th Blog Header (Family Blog Header). I hope everyone out there would definitely like this idea. If you have got some family pictures in your PC, then you can create a simple but great looking blog header within few minutes. I was lucky enough to take those pictures during a picnic trip to a small isolated island here in Maldives.

Here you can find the simple tricks that I have used to create this blog header with photoshop elements

1. Set a work space with 990 Pixels by 200 Pixels. (It can vary with your blog width)
2. Create a dark background (Dark backgrounds would increase the visibility of your pictures)
3.  Place the pictures one by one and turn the pictures to enhance the look
4.  Right click on a picture, and select edit layer style, and select stroke, adjust size to 4 and select a color, opacity to 100, press ok.
5.  Apply the same process for all pictures but select a different color for each picture.
6.  Save it in JPG format

Now you should have created a beautiful family blog header for your blog. Your friends must be impressed with your blog header designing ideas.

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MaryaYusof said...

Hello, I'm looking forward to have my own blog header...tq for your info here...I'll be visit you often ;)

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