Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Food Blog Header ( 13 )

Good morning bloggers,

Well... here is my 13th Blog header. A very simple but cute header for a food blog.
I am using Photoshop CS3 extended version to create these simple blog headers. Actually I am learning about photoshop. I have used very simple techniques to create this blog header. First I collected 3 pictues of different foods and saved them on my desktop. Open Photoshop, Got to file and then open new window, set the pixel to 974 x 150. Ok well done. Next Got to file and then the take the option "place"...It took me to a new window and from there I selected one picture that I saved on my desktop.. click ok. Then I palced it on the location where I want place it.
Then I arranged 3 Pictures same way. Then I selected one picture and then took layer, layer style, select drop shadow. I used same techniques for 3 pictures for this blog header

Pixel: 974x150Created by : 1000 Blog Headers
More Blog Headers coming soon!!!!

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