Thursday, July 10, 2008

Travel Blog Header ( 16 )

Hi, It's been a long time since I didn’t update 1000 blog headers blog. Today I am presenting a sample blog header that you can create with adobe CS3 extended version. I have included a title for this header and used some simple features for the text. What I did was, first selected a nice picture and opened photoshop the work space with 900 pixels by 150 and then load the picture and did some color adjustments using adobe layer, new adjustment layer and then color balance. Color adjustments applied for different colors by selecting the color options from the drop down menu on the top of the window. You can change the color adjustments by using that feature but make sure that you like the color adjustments before you save it. Now you can type the text for the banner and adjust the size for the text as well. Now go to layer, layer style and blending options, now you can see different options for the text, drop shadow, outer glow, inner glow etc. You can choose stroke if you like to have a border around the text like what I have done. You may change the color of the border if you like. Now you can tick the option outer glow select the color that you want have outside the text border and the tick bevel and emboss and you can adjust the depth of the shadow with that option. Well now you have created a very nice looking Travel Blog Header for your Travel Blog. Easy but looks smart isn’t it?

Pixel: 900 by 150
Created by :1000-blog-Headers Blog.

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