Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunset Blog Header ( 19 )

Hello Bloggers. How are you? Here is another cool blog header as I have promised. Since I am little busy today I thought it would be ok even if I can post a simple header for 1000 blog header readers. Just let me tell you how I did this beautiful sunset blog header. First grab a nice picture from you documents or from your camera and open Photoshop CS3 then go to file and then click on new. Ok now you got a new window that you can decide the size of the blog header. Create a banner with the size that you would like to have on your blog. Ok then go to file again and click on the place option. Now you can choose the picture from the file on your computer or from your camera. Place the picture and adjust it on the Blog Header. Now go to layer and then adjust new layer then choose color balance option. Now you can choose different options from that window like highlight. Shades etc. Select different options and adjust the colors from the horizontal bar above it. You will be able change the color of the header to almost any color. When the color is adjusted then you can save it in JPEG format. Simple isn’t It?. I will be presenting more and more blog headers in the future. Hope you liked the one I have created. Please don’t forget to subscribe to Blog Headers if you like 1000 Blog Header Blog.

Pixel: 800 x 170
Created by: 1000 Blog Headers Blog

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