Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Personal Blog Header ( 36 )

Greetings my dear friends

This is my 36th Blog Header. This is a totally different from rest of the blog headers coz this is extremely easy to create. I spent around 15 minutes to create this header and it is called the Personal Blog Header.

How to create a blog header like that

1. Set up your working space on Photoshop
2. Drop some nice circles using pattern stamp
3. Fade the circles to same direction using smudge tool.
4. Add eyes and smiles (sad, happy, cry, or whatever)

Well done now you have created a nice blog header like what I have done.

If you like these simple tutorials please share with your friends.
I will be back with the 37th Blog Header. See you soon.

Wish you Happy Blogging!

Header Pixel : 800x 150
Created by: 1000 Blog Headers

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