Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramazan Mubarak Blog Header ( 37 )

Dear Readers Greetings from 1000 Blog Headers and Wish you a very Happy Ramazan.

Today I am going to present you a very simple tutorial which you can apply to create simple but attractive header for your blog. You can use the same tricks to adjust the colors of the header that you create for your blog. It doesn't matter which kind of picture you use but for sure you can have a fantastic and nice looking blog header once you complete it.

To create a header like this you should have a nice picture

1. Adjust the size of the work space on photoshop

2. Place the picture ( adjust the size of the picture or duplicate it - Ctrl+J)

3. Adjust the color of the picture from - (Layer/ New Adjustment Layer/ Color Balance)
4. Type the text and place it in your desired position

5. Apply effects (Layer/ Layer style/ Emboss etc)

6. Save it in jpeg format

Well done... Now you have created a very attractive blog header that you can simply use in your blog.

Header Created by : 1000-blog-headers

Pixel: 485 x 100

Bye for now but not forever. Enjoy Blogging

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