Monday, April 4, 2011

Animated Blog Header ( 41 )


Good Evening all Blogging friends. Here is my 41st Blog Headers after a long time. I have created a bit different blog header at this time which is an animated blog header. This blog header can give a lot more attraction to your blog since I have hand selected the pictures to match for those who blog about nature, underwater, travel or vacation. It can match a lot more subjects. Here is a short explanation on how i created this blog header.

1. Collect pictures from your camera or from your photo album.
2. Open Photoshop and create work space (about 700x150 pixel)
3. Create 3 headers in JPEG format (3 pictures in each header and connect each other with eraser tool)
4. Animate those 3 headers with Photoshop animation function (2 seconds between each header)
5. Upload it into your hosting account.
6. Place the HTML code and insert the header in it.

WOW.. well done. You should have completed an amazing blog header now at this point.
Should you need more assistance on how to create this kind of headers please feel free to comment.
Have a wonderful Blogging day.

Bye for now but not forever

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