Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Attractive Blog Header ( 45 )

Good evening my dear blogging friends. Here I am presenting you my 45th Blog Header. Those are the pictures that I have taken back in 2004 during a visit to Malaysia. I have used the same Photoshop tricks to create this attractive blog header for you but you can personalize this header for your blog. Here I am going to explain you how to personalize a blog header from this blog since all those blog headers are free of charge and in addition I am here to help you to make your blog header attractive. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Select any blog header from this blog which has a combination for your blog.
2. Comment on that particular post (mention thats the header you would like to personalize)
3. Comment your blog header name with the blog address 
4. Comment your blog header measurement and include your email address.

I will forward a personalize blog header like mine to your email address shortly. Don't worry all blog headers are free.

Enjoy Blogging forever

Bye for now but hopefully not forever


maz said...

nice header..wanna use the header for my blog

Job Maldives said...

@maz. You are free to use the header. Thanks for visiting 1000 Blog Headers Blog.

masyarakat maklumat said...

nice header..wanna use the header for my blog