Sunday, April 10, 2011

Travel Blog Header ( 43 )

Good Afternoon dear bloggers from round the world looking for a good looking blog header for your blog. I have a long way to complete 1000 blog headers and I have just completed 43 Blog Headers. Thank you for your support to drive this blog forward. Here I am presenting you my 43rd Blog Header and it created for a Travel Blog. Following are the steps that I have followed.

1. Create your work space with Photoshop.
2. Collect your pictures from your computer and arrange them.
3. Use eraser tool to match all pictures together.
4. Save in JPEG format.

Now you have created a wonderful Travel Blog Header. Please check other headers in this blog. There may be one that you are looking for. I will keep adding more blog headers everyday. Check back later.

Wish you Happy Blogging forever

Header Pixel 800x 150 
Created by: 1000 Blog Headers

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ariyanto susetyo said...

beautiful header,, i like it