Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Job Blog Headers ( 46 )

Good afternoon dear bloggers

Today I am presenting a Blog Header which I have designed for my Job Blog to celebrate its 4th Anniversary. I have used very simple photoshop tricks to create this header but for me it looks really amazing. Let me explain you how I have designed this beautiful Blog Header.

1. Set your workspace with photo shop (I did 920x126 pixel)
2. Get a good looking texture from a photo and fill the back ground (you may use any texture which has a good combination with the your blog theme and color
3. Type your blog name
4. Select the text, go to layer, layer style and use the different options to adjust the shadow and outline of the text.
5. Go to enhance, adjust color, adjust color curve to give the final touch.
6. Save in jpg format

Header size: 920x126 pixel.

Wish you happy blogging.

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