Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photoshop Effect Blog Header ( 47 )

Good Afternoon Dear Bloggers,

Today I am presenting you my 47th Blog Header. Long way to complete 1000 Blog Headers. I just created this awesome blog header and came to share it online. I used photohop mosaic effect to create this header. Let me explain you step by step for your understanding.

Step 1: Open new file, Go to file, new, blank file. (click on the image to enlarge)

Step 2: Set the header measurement as shown

Step 3: Place the images (go to file, place) and merge them using eraser tool
Step 4: Add Mosaic effect, (go to effects, texture, mosaic them press apply)

Step 5: Adjust mosaic effect for better result (title size: 2, grout width: 3, lighten grout: 7) press ok.

Step 6: Save your header in jpg format

Wow...really awesome. Now you have learned how to create a blog header in photoshop elements 8

Thank you for visiting 1000 blog headers. Have a wonderful day.

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