Saturday, June 4, 2011

Animal Blog Header ( 51 )

Dear Bloggers, 
Welcome back to 1000 Blog Headers where you will discover blog header for different blogging themes. I am working tirelessly to complete this project as I have promised.

Please let me introduce you a blog header for a completely different theme.  If you love to discover animals then you are the right person to grab this blog header “Animal Blog Header”. You may modify or re-design if you wish. I have used very simple tricks to design this Blog Header. First I have created a working space with 800x200 Pixels Then I created a paper background for the image. I have taken some pictures from Paper and cut those pictures nicely. Then arrange those pictures on the background and took a picture from my camera. Well.. now you have created an image for the blog header. Now you need to arrange the image on the working space. I have duplicated the same picture in photoshop elements 8 by pressing ctrl + J and then arrange evenly then merged using eraser tool. 

Looking forward to create more Blog Headers in the future. If you love this blog, please request or subscribe blog headers by email. I hope all of you like the above blog header. Please let us know your feedback in the comments.

Blog Header measurement: 800x200 Pixel.

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