Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Black and White Blog Header ( 49 )

Dear Bloggers, 

Today I am presenting you a blog header called Black and white header. I have designed and presented black and white headers in the past. I have planned to design more black and white headers for you because I have been getting more requests to design blog header for that category. To create this header I have used very simple tricks. 

Please let me explain how I have created this blog header. First I created two layers, one for the background and another for the front.  In the background I have placed a weaving impression layer and in the front I have placed a rectangular design layer. I have added some effects from photoshop but it will be rarely recognized, it is just for a simple touch up or enhancement.

The measurement of this blog header is 800x 200 pixel. Hope everyone likes this blog header. 

If you are interested about the header that I create then please subscribe or request blog headers by email by entering your email address at the top right corner of this blog. I will forward the headers that I create for free. See you later

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