Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Artistic Blog Header ( 54 )

Dear Bloggers, 

Creating an attractive blog header takes time. The time that you spend on creating those headers worth more than what you can imagine. The blog header is the first impression of your blog. If you take the right one for your blog it can tell your visitors how much passionate you are about blogging. 

Today I am presenting you a blog header called Artistic Blog Header. I have used very simple artistic impressions to create this blog header. If you like it then you are free to customize and add your blog title on it. 

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I hope all of you like the above blog header. Please let us know your feedback in the comments.

Blog Header Measurement: 900x150 Pixels.


sarabose said...

Exactly what i was looking for! thanks a million for sharing the headers with me!
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Job Maldives said...

Hi sarabose. you are free to use the header. thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to C u around

azmaniza aziz said...

Pls let me use this header...