Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travel Blog Header ( 59 )

Good evening my valuable readers. Today I am presenting you my 59th Blog Header.  Again this header is designed for those who would like to start a travel blog. Here I have added some artistic impressions to those pictures with elements effects. It is pretty easy and straight forward process.  Below are the steps that I have followed.

  1. Create a working space with measurement ( 1000 pix by 200 pix)
  2. Add two pictures horizontally to the working space.
  3. Connect those two pictures using eraser tool.
  4. Add effects to the pictures. Try different effects until you find the best matching effect for your pictures.
Note: I have added a sun in this header using eraser tool. Hope you will like it :D

Now you should have created an amazing blog header with artistic effects.
Thank you all for visiting and reading my blog. Wish you all happy blogging.

1 comment:

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