Saturday, June 9, 2012

Culinary Arts Blog Header ( 60 )

Dear busy bloggers and culinary artists,

Today I am presenting you my 60th Blog Header. I have used completely different effects and measurement of 800 x 250 pixel for this header. Below are the steps to follow.

  1. Create a work space (header size) 800 x 250 or whatever size you would prefer.
  2. Insert pictures from you camera or from your PC. (Pls make sure to use your own photos or use free photos from the web)
  3. Arrange evenly. Maximum 4 to 5 pictures will be better for this effect.
  4. Go to effects and select zigzag effect, drag and drop to each pictures separately.
  5. Save your blog header

Wow... Finally you have created a beautiful culinary arts blog header with the same effects that I have used.

Do you like the header that you have just created? Please tell me your suggestions for the next blog header in the comments below.

Wish you a successful culinary arts blog and happy blogging for all.

Bye for now but hopefully not forever :D

1 comment:

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